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Stepping Stones

Bible Correspondence Course

Jeff Goss Ministries is an evangelistic ministry. As stated in our purpose, we desire to reach people with the gospel. As individuals respond to that message and are born again we want to help them begin their walk with God. To do this we offer a Bible Correspondence Course called, Stepping Stones. It is a twelve lesson course that covers such topics as; salvation, the daily Christian walk, dealing with sin and temptation, choosing a church, etc.

The purpose of this course is what the title implies, to provide stepping stones that assist an individual in their own personal walk with God. It is primarily directed toward those who are just beginning that walk and so deals with the basics of Christianity but if you are further along in your walk you may benefit as well. We all can be reminded of the basics.

This course is not meant to take the place of church, or other Bible training. We are an evangelistic ministry and do not attempt to replace the important role of the local church. We encourage local church attendance unless there are no churches available to you.

Stepping Stones is completely free of charge. The only expense to take it will be the postage needed to send back your completed lesson. Our text will be the Bible. If you can acquire a Bible we ask that you do that to help keep our costs down. If you cannot acquire one, please let us know (mark the appropriate box on the enrollment form) and we will send you a Bible. There will be times that we will have a recommended reading list of books that will help and encourage you but those books are not necessary for the course.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

To enroll in Stepping Stones please completely fill out and submit the form below. You may also download and mail-in the enrollment form.

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