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That None Should Perish

Today I want to share a testimony from the Street Evangelism outreach of December 3rd that will illustrate the importance of relying upon the leading of the Holy Spirit as we are ministering to people. When we started the night out I had a neighborhood in mind that I was going to go to and when I was about to turn left onto a street to go that neighborhood the Holy Spirit gave me a check and then directed me to go straight instead. Continuing down that street we encountered a couple who walked directly to our van as they were crossing the street. The woman was expecting a baby and the man had tattoos all over his neck. We got out of the van and began to minister to them. As we started talking with them the woman began to cry and she cried about the whole time we were ministering to them. The guy said that he had read the Bible while he was in prison but got completely away from it since he had been released from prison. They seemed so desperate and hungry for God. Both of them prayed to receive Jesus into their lives and it seemed very sincere. We were also able to give them some food for which they were very appreciative because they also have 3 children at home. They acted like they would definitely come to our church sometime.

There are times when we minister that we don’t see the end result of our efforts but sometimes we are blessed to see the fruit of our ministry. A man named Terrance heard about our church through our Friday night street ministry. We invited him to come which he did and loved it. He has since joined the church and just completed the membership class.

One more testimony; we went to parking lot where there is also a bus stop. On two different occasions I prayed with one or two people to receive Christ while waiting for the bus. As soon as they finished the prayer the bus pulled up just as they said amen. I gave them a New Testament and they hopped on the bus.

The harvest is truly ripe and as we listen to the leading the Holy Spirit He will direct us to those who are hungry and ready and needing His touch.

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