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The Word of God is Alive and Powerful

I want to start this by saying just how much I love the Word of God and how special it is to me and my life. A lot of people can quote the scripture from Hebrews 4:12 which that says the Word of God is alive and powerful but yet I hear people say that they are having trouble getting into the Word or that it is dry to them. If people will just get a revelation that when we read the Word it is not like reading an encyclopedia where you just get head knowledge. Jesus said my Words are Spirit and Life so when we read the Word, the Spirit and Life of the Word is going into us which changes us and transforms us. The first few years I was saved I could really feel and see the Word of God changing me drastically because I was coming from such a dark sinful past. Now when I read the Word I know that by faith it is still changing me for the better and according to Proverbs 4: 22 it is health to all my flesh.


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