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How To Evangelize Workshop
About the workshop
About Jeff Goss
Workshop details

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How to Evangelize
A Workshop Presented by Jeff Goss

About the Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to help the everyday Christian discover that evangelizing their world is not scary but that it can actually be fulfilling and fun. As the different topics are covered, people will be encouraged to evangelize and be given the confidence and tools that will help them to do it. The result will be more souls added to the kingdom of God and potentially more people added to churches and ministries which means church growth.

Why Evangelize
Looking back at the mistakes of history we can learn that sharing the Gospel with key people could have made a difference in what happened. There is a real heaven to gain and a real hell to shun. Because of His great love, God’s heart is that no one go to hell. That is why the last command of Jesus is “Go Ye.”

Myths and Excuses
There are lies that the devil has used to keep people from evangelizing. Using God’s word we’ll bust those myths and excuses wide open.

Before going out to evangelize there are some key things that will prepare us and pave the way before us so that we’ll be successful in evangelism.

How to Evangelize
Many Christians have a desire to see other people saved but don’t have the knowledge of how to lead someone to Christ. We’ll look at many different ways to evangelize and everyone will find something that they can do reach to out to others.

An Outreach
If desired, we would like to finish the workshop with an actual outreach so that the participants can practice what was learned.

"The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International has benefitted greatly from the direct relationship we have had with Jeff Goss equipping farmers to share their faith at farm show exhibitions. Most recently at the Ozark Fall Farmfest, Jeff helped train FCFI members to present the gospel message in such a way that the farmers assumed leadership positions at subsequent shows in Oklahoma. The Lord is using Jeff Goss as a catalyst to motivate Christians to share their faith."
Dennis Schlagel, Executive Director
Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International

“I have been extremely encouraged and impressed with Jeff and his entire families’ commitment to the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus. I can only imagine that every pastor would love to have a church full of families like the Goss’s. Jeff, keep up the great work and be mindful not to grow weary while doing good. If we don’t quit we win. Gal 6:9”
Pastor Jeff Allensworth, Senior Pastor
St. Louis Dream Center

“Jeff makes street evangelism so easy and it is amazing to watch him present Jesus to all types of people in various situations. I have learned a lot from listening to his direct approach in sharing Jesus.”
Kim K.

“The time I spent with Jeff Goss during an outreach was a period of growth in my walk with God. I learned some great principles of how to witness and how to show God's love. It was amazing to see how many people were open to hearing the word of God. It was very encouraging to see the amount of people who are saved and were really happy with what we were doing. I am very thankful that Jeff gave me this opportunity and it was a privilege to work with him in fulfilling the great commission.”
Gary F.

“Jeff has been an inspiration to me ever since I met him in 1988 when he was a missionary to Mexico. God has used him mightily in many venues to share the love and redeeming power of Jesus with thousands of people. I personally know that he and his family live to humbly serve the Lord.”
Jerry Holloway, President
Fishers of Men

Jeff Goss About Jeff Goss
Jeff had a dramatic conversion at the age of 19. He began evangelizing immediately, sharing what God had done for him with his friends. Some didn’t share his enthusiasm but that didn’t deter him.

He went to Marilyn Hickey Bible School and since graduating in 1984 he has been an associate pastor, pastor, missionary and youth pastor. In every place that God has placed him his evangelistic gift has been evident.

Jeff married his wife, Julie, in 1989 and they are the proud parents of three great kids. They reside in the St. Louis, Missouri area and are members of the St. Louis Dream Center, an inner city church founded by Dave and Joyce Meyer and pastored by Jeff and Jami Allensworth.

Jeff Goss Ministries, operates under Victory World Outreach Church, Inc. out of the Washington D.C. area which is pastored by Jeff Wright. Jeff and Julie are also ordained through Victory World Outreach Church, Inc.

Jeff has had much success in evangelism and has personally lead thousands in a sinner’s prayer. He has created these workshops to pass on what God has shown him in how to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.

The workshop can be 4 or 5 sessions long (including the outreach), which ever will fit your needs. Ideally it would be conducted towards the end of the week, finishing on a Saturday.

We will not charge participants to attend the workshop. We will have workbooks available for a gift of $15 that will go along with the teaching and have some evangelistic resources but they are not required.

To have a workshop in your church or ministry we only ask that you cover Jeff’s travel, lodging and meals if applicable and that you receive a love offering for his ministry.

If you desire that Jeff lead your people in an outreach to finish the workshop, we will discuss the details of that before he arrives.

Contact Information:
Jeff Goss Ministries
P.O. Box 328
High Ridge, MO 63049

Phone: 314-610-1835
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