JGM News December 2018

Last June while ministering at the Louisiana State FFA Convention a girl shared that she had prayed with me to receive the Lord at the National FFA convention about 6 months prior in Indianapolis Indiana. After talking with her, I could really see how passionate she had become for Jesus and that He had become her life.

A few weeks ago, while on the train in Toronto Canada, Bill Bosse, a fellow evangelist, and I were heading to downtown Toronto to minister at the Royal Ag show. God gave us a Divine appointment with a Muslim woman who sat in front of us on the train. She was very receptive to the Gospel as we began to share with her. It turned out she had just been in St. Louis, Missouri visiting her family not far from where we live. Bill gave her a book of John from the New Testament and she just lit up and said she would cherish that book in her heart.

While setting up for a farm show in Wichita Falls, Texas last March, I took a break and began to minister to a group of rough and tough looking Hispanic guys who were working security and maintenance. After sharing Christ with them, they prayed with me to be saved. We had received a large Bible before the outreach to give to someone as a gift. I knew in my heart that the leader of this group was the one to receive that Bible. He was so thrilled that he went around showing it to other people. The next day they showed their appreciation for what God had done for them by giving an offering to FCFI.

There is a hunger for the truth everywhere we go. I could go on and on with stories like this from this past year in our outreaches to seventeen different towns and cities in the United States and Canada. I want to remind you that it was your faithful prayers and support that made it all possible. Make no mistake, there is no other answer to the turmoil in the world today than to have a Jesus revival like we have never seen before. One by one we need to see people in this world come to Christ. I am convinced that only another great awakening to God will save this nation. It is as simple as getting back to obeying the Bible. This is why we passed out thousands of Gospel tracts and Bibles this past year in West Monroe LA, Kansas City, Memphis, Louisville, Wichita Falls, Tulsa, Boone Iowa, Alexandria LA Window Rock AZ, Toronto Canada, Springfield MO, and in Kansas towns like Dodge City, Great Bend and Pittsburg, and in Illinois towns like Pinckneyville and Springfield Illinois, and on the streets of St. Louis.

I can tell you in 2019 there will be no slowing down because time is getting shorter and shorter before the return of Jesus Christ and I plan on nothing but increase until He returns.

God has also blessed our family this past year. Julie is still helping with my ministry and working at Joyce Meyer Ministries. When I am not traveling, I also work for at Joyce Meyer Ministries. Tommy is 21 now and has a good job working for Chimney’s Unlimited, cleaning, repairing and inspecting chimneys. He also continues to work on his power-lifting and won second place at a strongman competition this summer. Kara is 27 years old and is working in Kansas City at a youth home while getting her master’s degree in social work at UMKC. Leticia is 25 years old and she has just moved to beautiful San Diego, California living with one of her best friends from high school. She is continuing working with autistic children as a behavioral technician and as a nanny like she did in Atlanta.

In closing, we want to thank you again for your prayers and wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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