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Finding Hope

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Jeff Goss Ministries :: Finding Hope

Finding Hope is our first radio program with World Harvest Radio. This 5 minute program began airing on February 18, 2006 on one of World Harvest Radio’s shortwave stations. Shortwave radio is listened to by people from all over the world and is an effective way to reach them without the expense of travel or dealing with political problems to visit an area. Our goal with Finding Hope was to eventually add more stations so that we would be reaching the whole world. That goal was reached and for over 2 years Finding Hope was broadcast to the world.

In March of 2008, we launched a new radio program called Reaping the Harvest which is 15 minutes in length. It began airing in 5 different cities of the United States over AM/FM signals. During the summer of 2010 we started to become dissatisfied with the shortness of the 5 minute program and not being able to get across what we wanted to with that length of time. So after praying about it we decided to bring an end to Finding Hope and broadcast Reaping the Harvest over World Harvest Radio’s shortwave signals. The longer program is more expensive so we started airing on 2 of World Harvest Radio’s Angel stations with the goal of adding more as we are able. For more about Reaping the Harvest, click here.

This is a big change and step of faith for us but we are excited to see what God will do in the future with Reaping the Harvest. The audio archives for Finding Hope are still available. You can to listen to them at: Finding Hope Archives or by selecting an archive in the right column.

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