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The following Web sites have been reviewed by Jeff Goss Ministries and are considered to have spiritually beneficial information that compliments this ministry's objectives. Each hyperlink will open a new browser window that will allow you to temporarily leave Jeff Goss Ministries Web site. Jeff Goss Ministries is providing these Web sites as references. We do not monitor the material provided and the views expressed may not represent those of Jeff Goss Ministries.

  1. Victory World Outreach Church, Inc.
    Jeff Goss Ministries operates under this church pastored by Jeff Wright. He also operates the National Prayer Embassy. From this web site you can read and pray over current prayer alerts that help you to pray for our nation and world. If you are ever in the Washington D.C. area we strongly encourage you to take one of his prayer tours. They are very informative and give new insight into praying for our government and issues that concern our country.

  2. St. Louis Dream Center
    This is our home church. It was founded by Dave and Joyce Meyer and is pastored by Jeff and Jami Allensworth. We are thankful to be a part of this church that is making a difference in the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri. They have an internship program called the Ministry Academy for singles to be able to grow in Christ, find their calling and learn to minister. They also have opportunities for groups to come and volunteer as an outreach to the St. Louis community.

  3. Fellowship of Christian Farmers
    We do outreaches with this group at farm shows using the wordless walking stick. They also reach out to other countries. They are a great, inter-denominational group with a passion for souls.

  4. World Harvest Radio
    They have five different shortwave radio stations that reach the whole world. Our radio program, Finding Hope is aired by them.

  5. American Tract Society
    This is a great resource for tracts. They are very good at having tracts relevant to current events and issues.

  6. Moments with the Book
    They have really good, full color tracts that are very reasonably priced. You can buy 100 tracts for only $3.

  7. Chick Publications
    Great little booklet tracts that make people think.

  8. Child Evangelism Fellowship Press
    They have great tracts that are written to children. One of the tracts uses the salvation bracelet to explain the gospel. They also sell the wordless book, Gospel flipper-flapper, and gloves with the salvation colors that can be found under "Evangelism Tools".

  9. Fisher’s of Men
    We have worked with Jerry Holloway of Fisher’s of Men for many years. We’ve done evangelism, mission trips and inner-city outreaches together. He has a strong heart for inner-city ministry and has conducted block parties faithfully for the last decade.

  10. The Pocket Testament League
    This ministry offers “pocket testaments” which are small books of the Gospel of John. They have a variety of covers to appeal to different audiences. It is possible to order 30 free pocket testaments each month, paying only shipping and handling. Larger orders are available for a fee. Giving the pocket testament to someone is a great way to share the gospel because it gives the plan of salvation along with a portion of the Bible to read.

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