Gospel Tracts

Gospel tracts have been around for years and that does not mean that they are not still effective today. They can be a really good ice breaker as we witness to people. One statistic says the 60% of the people who get saved get saved through a gospel tract or book. Hudson Taylor, one of the world’s great missionaries to China got saved by reading a tract and Malcolm Smith, a great Bible teacher, was also saved by reading a tract.

I’ve been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans 8 different times. On one of those trips as I was handing out some tracts, a woman told me that she had already received the same tract the day before. I asked her if she read it and she said “Yes”. I then asked her if she prayed the sinner’s prayer that was on the back and she said “Yes”. God had worked in her heart just by reading the tract. I went on to encourage her to find a good church in her hometown and read the Bible and pray every day.

After an outreach that evangelist Sam Connelly and I teamed up for at a haunted house he received the following e-mail:

I seen you guys at the Darkness. After I left the darkness I read that thing you gave me and I got pretty mad that you blamed me of being a sinner. I think that I am a good person. I thought that I threw that paper out my window, but it must have flew back in my back window, because after I went home and passed out from all the weed and mad dog in my system, I woke up and found it in my jacket pocket.

I threw it in the trash. Last night I passed out again and I had a dream that God told me I was going to hell because that paper was right and I am a sinner.

I grabbed it out of the trash, read it and prayed the prayer on the back.

Thanks for giving me that paper.
Will from St. Louis

An advantage of tracts is found in the above testimony. Sometimes people don’t want to take the time to talk with you or they may be in a bad state of mind (drunk, high, etc.) to understand and respond to the gospel. Giving them a tract is sending the gospel home with them. They can read it and pray the sinner’s prayer later.

There are many places to buy tracts and we have included some in our Links section. You can also create and print your own tracts. Just be sure to explain the gospel plainly and simply. In the side column, you can view, print out and make copies of some tracts we created. There is a spot on the back where you can include your church/ministry name, address, service times, etc.

Order the Collection of Master Copies of Tracts

Packages of 20 in either color or grayscale for a donation plus S&H. Customization available! Each tract includes a simple explanation of the Gospel message and a sinner’s prayer that can be prayed to receive Christ.

There is also a blank space left on each one so that the contact information of your church or ministry can be included.

Free Bible Tract Sets

Each free Bible tract set below may be downloaded and comes with both a front and back side for printing.