Jeff on a chair sharing the Gospel with a large Crowd in KC

JGM News April 2023

Outreaches for this year started for us in West Monroe Louisiana at the Ag Expo. We have done this show for many years now. Like in the past, we had a lot of traffic at our booth with people receiving free gifts and most importantly hearing the Good News of the Gospel.

After Louisiana, it was on to the other south, the much colder south, Sioux Falls South Dakota. A volunteer worker who joined us in South Dakota said that even though he has taught the Bible for many years, he has never done much evangelism and that he was learning from us on how to do it. At one point he said he had prayed the salvation prayer with 9 people at the Sioux Falls farm show.

At the end of January we were at the Iowa Ag farm show in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Once again, we had some good local help. The things that stick out in my mind about this farm show was the large number of FFA kids who visited our booth to hear the Gospel and some even prayed with us. A lot of the people showed us appreciation for being there. Living in the days we are living in, I have noticed more receptivity to the Gospel including in Iowa.

Jeff standing on a Chair sharing the Gospel with a Large Crowd in KC

Jeff on a chair sharing the Gospel with a large Crowd in KC

The Western Farm Show in Kansas City and the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky were in February. In Kansas City, they bused in 4500 FFA teenagers from all over Kansas and Missouri on Friday morning. There were so many kids surrounding our booth that at times I would stand on a chair to talk to them. The kids gravitate to us because they are hungry for truth that they don’t get in today’s society. And once again the vendors around us were truly amazed at this move of God.

At the Cedar Falls farm show a few days later there were a couple of young men that came to our booth with an extreme interest in spiritual things. I was able to spend about 15 minutes with them talking about Gods Word. More and more God is bringing young people to us who really want to know God and to be used by Him and they will just stand and listen as we pour the Word of God into them.

Julie Witnessing in Utah

Julie Witnessing in Utah

In March, my wife and I traveled to Logan Utah to minister at the Utah FFA state convention. For being such a Mormon state, we really had good results. One teenager came to our booth on the second day. He asked me if I remembered him, and I did remember praying with him the day before to receive Christ. He came back to tell us that he had repented of his sins and he went out and bought a Bible.

The next week I traveled to Redmond Oregon to minister at the Oregon FFA state convention. We had very good response despite the culture of that area . One girl said she wanted to go to hell, but after hearing the Word of God, she ended up praying to receive Jesus with Terry Morrison. After praying with us to receive Jesus, another kid brought a friend to us so we could preach to him about Christ.

At the end of March, Mike Weaver and I ministered at the Nebraska FFA State convention in Lincoln, Nebraska. God is definitely doing something special in Nebraska where hundreds of kids in a two day period prayed with us to receive Jesus. One of the kids was a foreign exchange student from Germany. Another girl got teary eyed after praying with us. The thing that sticks out the most to me about Nebraska was how several times these young farm boys would come to our booth acting tough and very uninterested, not taking the literature from me but then after standing there for awhile listening to me preach the Word of God they would end up praying to get saved and would even thank me.

The year is just beginning, and it is only going to get better as we continue to travel coast to coast sharing the good news. Between now and August we have 15 outreaches scheduled in 14 different states. We appreciate your prayers for safe travel and favor to see revival continue in our land. (see Itinerary)

Thank you for your prayers and support to make this possible.

In Christ,
Jeff Goss

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