JGM News July 2023

We are excited to report that we continue to see great signs of revival among the young people.

I will start by with the South Carolina FFA State Convention in Greenville. In 2019 we did the South Carolina FFA Convention for the first time at Clemson University. I was disappointed because, although I had a few connections, hardly anyone came to our booth. It was so slow that I went out on the campus of Clemson to pass out tracts. I thought to myself that I would not want to do that convention again due to lack of receptivity. Thank God we didn’t stop. The convention this year was just the opposite. All day long kids kept coming to our booth with a hunger to hear about Jesus. A number of them prayed with me to receive Christ. One kid even told me that a group of them stayed up in their motel praying and studying the Bible until one in the morning. Revival is happening.

My favorite testimony from South Carolina was when two young girls came to hear the message. One girl said she had already received Christ as her Lord and the other one said she hadn’t. Long story short, the one girl that hadn’t been saved prayed with me to receive Christ and after the prayer she and her friend got super excited and giddy that she was now born again. After I gave them instruction and teaching on how to live the Christian life and follow up material, they left. Later on, they both came back to our booth so excited about her being saved that she wanted to have a picture with me. At that point I gave her more teaching on living the Christian life. I ended up giving out a whole box of Book of John and Romans books in South Carolina.

Young men hearing the Gospel

Young men hearing the Gospel

The Kansas and Mississippi FFA State conventions this year were also better than they have been in the past as far as receptivity and the number of kids praying to receive the Lord. Teenagers have even thanked me just for spending time talking with them about the Lord.

One young man at the Alabama State FFA Convention said he was Chaplin of his FFA Chapter but that he still hadn’t repented. I spent some time ministering to him and he ended up giving his life to Christ.

We just finished the FFA State Conventions for the year with a big bang in Orlando Florida and in downtown Dallas Texas. Both went well. In Texas we had three good solid days of ministry to teenagers who live in the big cities of Texas like Houston and Dallas, to small town kids from places like Muleshoe Texas, and teens who live on the border of Mexico. During all 3 days we had a constant flow of kids, and kids praying to receive Christ from the very beginning to the very end.

Not only have many FFA kids prayed with us to receive Christ into their lives, but we have also had some of them come for prayer for personal struggles with pornography or family issues. Some have come to our booth seeking advice on starting their own ministries.

Jeff sharing the Gospel with young people.

Jeff sharing the Gospel with young people.

We have had many Ag teachers come to our booth and thank us for what we are doing. Some have made the comment that they are limited to what they can share in the classroom, so they were glad we were there. This makes me thankful that I have the freedom to talk to the kids about things like feeding their spirit and faith with Gods Word, the importance of living a life of praise to God so we can run our race with joy, getting plugged into a good church and guarding our thought life and what we say. Since most of these kids are farmers, they understand when I tell them that everything we think, speak, and do we are planting a seed that we will eventually reap a harvest on. The importance of teaching these basic fundamentals of Christianity was reinforced to me at the Mississippi FFA State convention when a girl told me she had been using tarot cards during her prayer time and she asked me if this was okay. Thankfully I was able to tell her how demonic this is and that she is to look to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit for guidance. This also makes me thankful that we give out good literature, including New Testaments and John and Romans books that will help people get on the right track in their Christian walk.

I feel like we are continuing to do our part to help save this nation through ministering at these conventions and farm shows.

Now I am excited about the upcoming farm shows which will start up again in August with Dakota Fest in Mitchell South Dakota, the Farm progress Show in Decatur Illinois, Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island Nebraska and our Navajo Outreach in Shiprock New Mexico.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support, this helps make all this outreach possible.