JGM News December 2020

Greetings! As I have reflected on this past year and all that the world and body of Christ has gone through I have a some things on my heart that I’d like to share.

Some of the greatest evangelists of our time have passed on to heaven to be with the Lord forever. I am speaking of Oral Roberts, Reinhard Bonnke, and the legendary Billy Graham to name of few. When Billy Graham died, his son Franklin who also is an evangelist, felt like the Lord showed him that with the passing of his father there would be unleashed a fury of demons on this earth. We have seen this happen in the form of riots, violence, chaos, and pandemics. Prophet Kim Clement shared that after Billy Graham’s death, that there would be many more evangelists raised up to replace him. We are also seeing this happen. Individuals are catching the fire of evangelism and churches working to reach the people of their communities. This is such good news that at a time when this world needs evangelism more than ever, God is making it happen.

When Elijah went in the chariot to up to heaven, the mantle came down on Elisha and he got a double portion of the anointing that Elijah had. I believe that we can have the double portion of the anointings that Oral Roberts, Reinhard Bonnke, and Billy Graham had. With the condition the world is in right now, we will need that double portion. This is why we need to pray and be in His Word more than ever before. We can be so full of the anointing of God that when sinners get in our presence, they will be convicted of their sins.

When the Apostle Paul was on the island of Melita in Acts 28, he picked up a bundle of sticks and put it in the fire. When he did this, a viper came out of the fire and bit him. The viper was in the sticks the whole time, but it did not come out of the sticks until it was put in the fire. I believe the devils we have seen manifested in our country were already there, but as God pours out His Spirit down upon our nation like it says He will do in the last days, the devils manifest. But thank God the Greater One lives in us and Jesus has given us power and authority over all the power of the enemy. God has fully equipped us to be victorious in every area of our life in these last days. So instead of hunkering down just waiting for Jesus to rescue us from this wicked world, we can take this country and world back for Jesus.

I am excited because farm shows have started opening up again after the cancellations because of the pandemic. We just ministered at farm shows in Kearney Nebraska and Wichita Kansas. We saw hungry hearts and people who seemed very concerned for our country. We had young and old people pray with us to receive Jesus, including a foreign exchange student from Germany who is now living on a farm in Nebraska. We also had the Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska with some of his people visit our booth in Kearney. He listened intently as I presented the Gospel to him. Isaiah 60 says that there shall be gross darkness upon the earth but that the unbelievers shall come to our light and kings to the brightness of thy rising. I believe in 2021 as we start off the year at farm shows in Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota and Oklahoma we will see the fulfillment of Isaiah 60. I feel privileged to be called an evangelist for such a time as this and your prayers and support help make it happen.

We hope you all Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


JGM News July 2020

What a privilege it is for us to be living in these last days. Acts 2:17 says and it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

I believe with all my heart that out of the chaos and turbulence that has been happening in the world that a great revival and a great awakening is going to happen. We will see multitudes of people coming into the Kingdom of God to be saved. We must cry out to God for this and see it happening with the eye of faith.

Jesus gives us specific instructions on how to keep our peace and joy during these perilous and dangerous times when there will be gross darkness upon the earth. Luke 21:23 says there shall be great distress in the land and then verse 26 says men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. What we look at and keep our eyes on will make us or break us. I feel like it is good to glance at some news, but we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and His Word; praising Him, and communing with Him continually.   

In Matthew 24 and in Luke 21 Jesus also instructs us not to be deceived, terrified, or troubled in these last days. This may sound like a difficult thing to do when things are so perilous but the key is that we are to be trusting God by standing on His promises for protection against the pandemics and the violence; meditating on His Word day and night like it talks about in Joshua 1:8.

In Matthew 24:6 Jesus said that we are to see to it that we are not troubled, for all these things must come to pass. I believe the most important warning Jesus gives us out of these two chapters is, to not become offended and cold hearted because iniquity shall abound. If we will walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, we will produce the fruit of love and not become full of hate.

Matthew 24:14 tells us when the end will come. “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. This is what I plan to do until Jesus comes in the clouds to rapture us out of here. I believe the third and final great awakening is upon us and we are going to see the greatest revival and harvest of souls this world has ever seen.

The Louisiana State FFA Convention just recently changed to a virtual presentation. We just learned today that the Four State Farm Show in Pittsburgh, Kansas has been cancelled for this year.

Even though the events where we had outreaches planned for this Spring and Summer were cancelled, I live with the excitement and expectation for the great awakening to come. I minister on almost a daily basis on the streets and marketplaces, or churches and even virtually over the internet. Everywhere we go there are people who need to hear the good news of the Gospel. If we don’t reach the ones God has brought across our path, then who will?

Once again, we thank you for all your prayers and support into Jeff Goss Ministries.


JGM News March 2020

Jeff Goss shraing with a large group of FFA kids at the Western Farm Show.

Jeff Goss sharing with a large group of FFA kids at the Western Farm Show.

2020 started out with a bang as I ministered at 3 farm shows in January. Two of them were in the south; in Cleveland Mississippi and in West Monroe Louisiana. The other farm show was in the cold north of Sioux Falls South Dakota. In February we ministered at two big Farm shows; in Louisville Kentucky and in Kansas City Missouri. In March it was back down south ministering at the Wichita Falls Farm show. God was moving mightily at these farm shows, especially among the young people, as many of them came to our booth in these cities to receive a Wordless walking sticks and to hear the Gospel. At the Western Farm Show in Kansas City hundreds of FFA kids came to our booth and listened very intently as we preached the Gospel to them. Many of them prayed to receive the Lord. After this we gave them a lot of follow up material including websites and apps so they could get Bible courses and some of the best Bible teaching to continue to grow in the Lord. We even give them a phone number they can call to find a good Bible believing church in their area.

Jeff Goss preaching Jesus to a group.

Jeff Goss preaching Jesus to a group.

At the Louisville Farm show, after three young men prayed with me to be saved, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would come on them. They left after this but then one of them turned around and came back to me and said to me that he wanted to get closer to God and become a man of God. Once again, I was able to give him access to Bible courses, apps, websites and help in finding a good church. One woman at the Louisville Farm show told me she was full of hate toward her two sons in law. I told her that if she got saved, Gods love would be shed abroad in her heart by the Holy Ghost and that she would be able to love and forgive through Gods love in her. Thank the Lord she prayed to receive the Lord. At the Louisville farm show we had 12 students from all over the nation and world who attend a seminary in Louisville, help us with the Louisville farm show. We were privileged to be able to train these students as well as some other people from churches in that area who came to help us in evangelism.

Young people receiving Gospel literature

Young people receiving Gospel literature

The public health concerns with the coronavirus COVID 19 has cancelled or postponed outreaches planned for this Spring. As of now, the outreaches we have planned from the end of May and beyond have not been impacted . We are using this time to pray, write, study and reach out over the internet.

I want to encourage you with these words. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, there is a time for every purpose under heaven. The devil’s purpose for the coronavirus COVID 19 is to kill steal and to destroy. But I am believing that God has another purpose, turning into good that which was meant for evil. Somehow revival is going to come out of all of this, and I mean a great revival. Let us keep agreeing and believing that we are going to see the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever seen.

In closing, here is a list you can use you as you pray during this unprecedented time:

  • Psalm 91:10 , “there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.”
  • That God would use this to help bring revival to our nation and world.
  • Healing for those who have been infected.
  • For the health and safety of our health professionals.
  • That our leaders would make God led decisions.
  • That the scientists and researchers will discover the medical way to combat this virus.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support into this ministry. We are praying for you. Keep rejoicing, this is going to be our finest hour.

In Him,

Jeff Goss

JGM News December 2019

Luke 2:9 and 10 says, And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

Even though this great event happened over two thousand years ago, it is a timely Word for our world today. Putting it in the words of the King James Bible, people today are “sore afraid” and God’s Word to us today hasn’t changed. That word is “fear not”. Second Timothy 1:7 says, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Jesus didn’t come to make us sad, but to save us from our sins and to give us eternal life in heaven. He came not to just give us joy but He came to bring us great joy like it says in verse 10 of Luke 2. This is a comforting and great message we can share to the world. This message is so simple and yet so powerful, that we don’t have to be afraid anymore and that Jesus will give you great joy. These are two things we need to continually remind ourselves of everyday and not just at Christmas time.

This past year we were blessed and privileged to be able to minister at 22 different outreaches throughout the United States and Canada. We were letting people know this good news that Jesus came to deliver us from fear and bondage. He came to give us great peace and great joy that the world can’t give us. All year long, from FFA state conventions, to farm shows, to ministering to the Navajo Indians in the southwest, we would see people of all ages light up as we preached Jesus to them and prayed with them to receive Jesus into their lives as their personal Lord and Savior.

We are so grateful to our web designer, Robin, of R & R Web Design (Julie’s aunt) who did a wonderful job updating our website this year.

We were able this past year to reach multitudes with the Gospel. As we look to the coming new year, we see more opportunities to reach more people before the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our goal is to reach even more lost souls with this good news. Now is not the time to hold back but to keep pressing on as the Day of the Lords return draws near.

JGM News November 2019

JGM News NOV 2019

Jeff with a group of young people.

Hebrews 2:14 -15 says, “For as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” These scriptures describe the people in this world that do not have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Our job as Christians is tell people the good news that by being saved through Jesus, they don’t have to fear death ever again.

Just recently I was ministering at the Royal Ag in downtown Toronto with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers. As I began to minister to a man that came to our booth, he poured out his heart to me. He had a 24/7, consuming fear of death and had dealt with that since his parents died at a young age over 50 years ago. I had compassion for him, but this is why we go to the world to preach the good news. I told him that when he becomes born again by making Jesus the Lord of His life, then he can actually look forward to death. This story does have a happy ending though. The man prayed with me to receive Jesus and now he can finally be at peace after all these years of being subject to bondage because of fear of death.

JGM News NOV 219

Royal Ag Show

All week long we were able to minister to people of different nationalities and religions. One Pastors wife who ministers with us every year said that a woman who was a Muslim prayed with her to be saved and became a Christian when she came to our booth last year. This woman came to our booth this year and told us that she ministered to her Muslim son and now he is a Christian. Evangelism is exciting because it can have a snowball effect like that.

JGM News NOV 2019

Jeff with members of a girl’s hockey team.

Another example of the snowball effect happened when I had a group of young teenage girls come to our booth to receive a free gift and to hear the Gospel. They ended up praying with me to receive the Lord but it doesn’t end there. After receiving the Lord themselves, they brought their friends to our booth so I could minister to them. Then these girls prayed to receive the Lord. I also had several from Tibet pray with me to receive the Lord. One young man walked by our booth with a girl and just kept on walking. But I believe the Holy Spirit drew him back to our booth and when he came back he listened intently to the Gospel message and ended up praying to receive the Lord.

Your prayers and support help make all this possible. This has been a great year of outreaches. Please be in prayer that we finish the year strong at our last outreach at the Tulsa Oklahoma farm show coming up in December. Thank you and God Bless You.

JGM News NOV 2019

Ministry in Toronto

JGM News October 2019

JGM New 1910

Sharing the gospel at the South Carolina State FFA Convention

As I sit down to work on this newsletter, I am so thankful to God who has been faithful in opening so many doors of opportunity for us this year to preach the Gospel to so many people across the nation. With still three months to go in this year of 2019, we

have already ministered at 18 different outreaches which includes seven farm shows, 10 FFA state conventions, and our most recent outreach to the Navajos at the Window Rock Navajo Nation Fair. What makes these outreaches so special is that thousands of people prayed with us to receive the Lord and received New Testaments and other good Gospel literature and follow up material. I truly believe that many of these people will become missionaries and evangelists reaching people that we can’t reach. We have already seen this when a teenager at the Texas State FFA convention in Fort Worth took some of our walking sticks and began ministering to other Texas kids at the convention. I was amazed as I watched him preach with fire to the other students at the convention. We are also seeing Christians become excited to be used by God to reach the lost. A couple of men who went with me to Window Rock Arizona to minister with me for the first time got so excited about the ministry that they want to continue to do outreaches. One of them even wants to move to the southwest and be a full-time minister to the Navajos. This ripple of effect is going to help speed up revival in this nation and world.

JGM News 191

Mike Weaver praying with a family

Please be in prayer as we finish this year strong. We have several more major outreaches planned including the Ozark Farm Fest this week in Springfield Missouri. The Ozark Farm Fest is always busy with thousands of people visiting our booth. At the first of November we will be ministering at the Royal Ag show in beautiful downtown Toronto for the fourth year in a row. This is one of my favorites because Toronto is such an international city and we are ministering to people from all over the world who have not heard much Gospel. In December we will have our last big farm show of the year in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I believe the last day harvest has begun and with your faithful prayers and support you are an important part of the fruit that is produced by this ministry. It is not always cheap and easy traveling around and preaching the Gospel, but it is well worth it to see people’s lives changed and transformed by the power of the Gospel. Thanks for your prayers and support that makes all this possible.

God Bless You,

Jeff Goss

JGM News 191

A show of respect as Bill Bosse leads some young people in prayer

JGM News 1910

Passing out Gospel tracts to the crowds waiting for the parade to begin.

JGM News 1910

Jeff Goss sharing the Gospel at the Texas State FFA Convention

JGM News 1910

William French ministering to a group

JGM News May 2019

As I sit down to write this newsletter, I am thinking about how serious the times have become for the United States. We must see a great awakening and spiritual revival for this nation to survive and to thrive. The remnant of God’s people in this nation must realize the importance of not giving into the spirit of the age, which is an antichrist spirit. There must be a determination to be a bold, bright light in a dark culture that is trying to legalize and legitimize sin. The Bible which is God’s standard does not change just because the culture changes. As we see the antichrist spirit try to take over our nation and silence our voice, let’s be determined to preach more, pray more, and to love more than we ever have before.

JGM News 1905

Jeff Goss ministering to big farm kids from Arkansas.

We have encountered a recent challenge in ministry, but we have not given up. After decades of ministering at the FFA national convention, the Fellowship of Christian Farmers was not allowed to come back last fall due basically to political correctness. At first it seemed devastating, but God always has a plan that trumps everything else. In this case that plan was to start going to FFA state conventions and it has been more fruitful than I could have ever imagined.

In the month of April, I ministered at the Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma FFA state conventions. Even though this has been a lot of traveling and has required more Wordless walking sticks, New Testaments, follow up literature, and other outreach gifts, it has been well worth the effort. In all my years of ministry, I have never seen so much receptivity to the Gospel. At each of these conventions we have a constant flow of kids who are totally focused on hearing the Gospel message come to our booth. So far, we have had thousands of these kids pray with us and receive New Testament’s and other follow up literature.

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JGM News March 2019

It is the beginning of March as I sit down and write this newsletter, and already this year we have ministered at farm shows in West Monroe Louisiana, Louisville Kentucky, Kansas City Missouri and Memphis Tennessee. In fact, I have spent so much time in the south ministering this year, I am probably starting to sound like a southerner.

JGM News 1903

Jeff Goss sharing the Gospel in West Monroe, LA

At the Louisville and Memphis farm shows, we were ministering to people from all over the south, Midwest and world. Last week in Memphis, after ministering to a group of young men from South Africa (they also had a southern accent but not the American one) they all prayed to receive Christ into their life. I was even able to minister in Spanish at both farm shows and give out Spanish Gospel literature.

JGM News 1903

One of the many groups of people we ministered to in Memphis hearing the Gospel from volunteer Nick Korn.

A maintenance man working at the Kansas City Western farm Show told us as we were setting up that he came to our booth last year. He was really ministered to and received salvation. A short time later, his wife died and he said that what we had shared with him and how we prayed with him got him through that tough time. Another man came to our booth in Kansas City and said his son got saved through our ministry.

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JGM News December 2018

Last June while ministering at the Louisiana State FFA Convention a girl shared that she had prayed with me to receive the Lord at the National FFA convention about 6 months prior in Indianapolis Indiana. After talking with her, I could really see how passionate she had become for Jesus and that He had become her life.

A few weeks ago, while on the train in Toronto Canada, Bill Bosse, a fellow evangelist, and I were heading to downtown Toronto to minister at the Royal Ag show. God gave us a Divine appointment with a Muslim woman who sat in front of us on the train. She was very receptive to the Gospel as we began to share with her. It turned out she had just been in St. Louis, Missouri visiting her family not far from where we live. Bill gave her a book of John from the New Testament and she just lit up and said she would cherish that book in her heart.

While setting up for a farm show in Wichita Falls, Texas last March, I took a break and began to minister to a group of rough and tough looking Hispanic guys who were working security and maintenance. After sharing Christ with them, they prayed with me to be saved. We had received a large Bible before the outreach to give to someone as a gift. I knew in my heart that the leader of this group was the one to receive that Bible. He was so thrilled that he went around showing it to other people. The next day they showed their appreciation for what God had done for them by giving an offering to FCFI.

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